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Rick Warren’s Deception Strikes Widely
Rick Warren adopted a typical human approach to church growth and spiritual development, since the standards that he set in the determination of success have a very poor doctrinal basis. His non-offensive gospel has been defined so vaguely that, from a human point of view, it is acceptable to virtually everybody. People are not offended by it because sin and its dreadful consequences, which is God’s wrath upon sinners, are not mentioned. The full implications of Jesus’ death on the cross, where He shed His blood and laid down His life to serve God’s death penalty upon sinners (Rom. 6:23), is not explicitly proclaimed.

Rick Warren is among the most evil men of our time. If you know Jesus you don’t need Celebrate Recovery or any other man made program as you can do & overcome anything through Christ. To learn more about the evil Rick Warren follow this link=>  Slick Rick

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