6:00 PM
Emmanuel Baptist Church
2019 Frazier St.

Modesto, CA 95358 United States

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We invite you and your loved ones to come join us each Wednesday at 6PM as we gather together to glorify God through fellowship with one another and to study God’s Word, the Bible. At Emmanuel Baptist Church, we believe the Bible is true and that it tells us how we can obtain new life through a personal relationship with God. Likewise, the Bible provides practical answers to life’s questions for all who are willing to listen and obey what it teaches. Because of this, Emmanuel Baptist Church is firmly dedicated to the straight-forward expository preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

Whether or not you choose to visit us at Emmanuel Baptist Church, the most important invitation anyone could ever accept is God’s invitation to all people to enjoy life eternal and a relationship with Him through personal faith in the person and work of His Son, Jesus Christ. He died and rose again for you! You can know where you will spend eternity. The very God who created you has made provision for you to have a relationship with Him right now. God’s Word gives us the answers!

Emmanuel Baptist  Church is not necessarily the place for everyone, but if you find yourself in agreement with what you are reading and do not currently attend another faithful local church or if you desire to hear more about how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship with Him, please come study the Bible with us and let us know if we can be of help to you.


September 5, 2018
6:00 PM