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Many young and old people are afraid of the truth. They don’t want to hear that they might not be saved. They don’t want to stir up thoughts that go against what they have been taught. But the truth is many people believe a lie. Ask yourself how do you know that you are saved?

If God does not continue to work through you are you saved? Don’t be deceived. The bible says that it is those who continue in the faith who shall be saved. Many of you have left the Lord and wondered away from the Lord. Chasing after things, Idols. Do not be deceived. I ran across this video this afternoon which really made me think. perhaps it will make you think too? Thinking is a God given gift, He wants us to use the brain he gave us, to not only search the scriptures, But search our own souls. How about it, Are you saved? If not, Why Not?

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