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Millions of Muslims Turn to Jesus

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We are like Bereans Acts 17:11 who search out things to see if they are true rightly dividing the word of truth. Silence can be sinful, so we…

Spiritual Meat


The word “milk” in the above quote (Greek gala) means the basic, elemental teachings of Christianity first learned by new believers according to…

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Cotton Candy Preachers


Cotton candy preaching works against itself. Whatever methodology a pastor works from, his goal is the same: to see people grow in their faith. The problem is…

Corrupt Bibles


 AMAZING research and everything is summed up right here. Every Bible believing Christian should hear this. I pray that you would have open minds and be…

Can you answer this question?

After Jesus’ resurrection He made several visits to His disciples. Twice, while the disciples were gathered together, Jesus came and stood among them. What was remarkable about this event? (Press answer button below)




Eden has arrived!

Eden is a must see! It is a four part mini movie of Genesis created with dynamic dramatization with site & sounds straight out of the bible! And only here at EBCmodesto will you find it. EBCmodesto, for the first time ever, created something truly awesome using stunning visual effects, drama, music, and the King James bible; EDEN! 

Yes we have heard the phrase “In the beginning“ many times; now you get to see, and hear it come to life right before your very eyes!

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Emmanuel Baptist Community

God's door is never locked and neither is ours. The Emmanuel Baptist Community, is strong and growing and we are of one body...

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